Riding the Wave & losing our Distinctiveness: (Reflection on a YOUTH CAMP)

The waves of “selfism and sameness” are trending, and they remain a great threat to the corporate identity of the Church as a distinct body whose head is Christ alone, as defined by the Scriptures alone. This reality is seen through the propagation of relativism and pluralism in the name of social solidarity “love, peace … Continue reading Riding the Wave & losing our Distinctiveness: (Reflection on a YOUTH CAMP)

Incwadi Yelobolo

Check the Situation I wrote a love song, well, more like a reflection on my desire to write "Incwadi Yelobolo" which is a basic love letter to ones potential father in law (how I view it; nothing romanting in the contents). Anyway; think about Moses writing a letter to Jethro asking him if his uncles … Continue reading Incwadi Yelobolo

Gogo on Twitter: A Picture of Society!!!!

I have seen a world without Ogogo, and I guess it is a blessing to have people who haven't been consumed by such a world. A world filled with unfiltered, opportunistic opinions, marred by ill motives that thrive on receptive affirmation and petty antagonistic grandeur (of course that's not all there is). The strength of … Continue reading Gogo on Twitter: A Picture of Society!!!!

Living in a Cocoon? Tswa Da!!!

Racism, upheavals,Nyaope, unemployment,unions, party politics, Malema Maimane, Psl,the drought, abject poverty, HIV, Casper Nyovest, Protea Fire,Fees Must Fall, decolonisation, Penny Sparrow, false prophets,Zuma Zille, escalation of road deaths and soapies propagating ubuthakathi are all part of our reality as South Africans. Therefore, our reality can't be ignored but ought to be seen as a real … Continue reading Living in a Cocoon? Tswa Da!!!


ONE THOUGHT: ADVERSITY PRODUCES RESILIENCE!!! I have been meeting "broken" or better yet God has graced me with the privilege of meeting strong folks who have been heavily battered by lifes calamities these past few weeks. I find one common thing about all of them;man they are RESILIENT. They have not let their tragedies debilitate them, … Continue reading RESILIENCE

Drunkenness: Impediment of harmony

So today is Friday, I guess I'll just keep it short and to the point JUST for those who are hungover from phuza Thursday. Talking about phuza Thursday, izolo my mentor observed that, on the biggest Billboards at every major entry point to the South Western Township, are advertisements of alcohol beverages. Furthermore, he stated … Continue reading Drunkenness: Impediment of harmony

CLIQUE: The Value of Acceptance

Have you ever thought about "acceptance", like the efforts we venture into for us to be accepted into things like "cliques", possibly to feel like we belong? Growing up I was part of a popular crew which was known for its slick dancing and in the long run became infamous for hosting pens down parties … Continue reading CLIQUE: The Value of Acceptance


Ngangi ngazi ukuthi ngiyoze ngibe naso isibindi sokuti ngiphimisele lamazwi, ukuthi mina "ngingu Mfundisi". The reality is, there is a sense of unworthiness and self abasement which could be seen as a lack of confidence or shame.My past has been marred by woes that have left a gross stench in many lives, yet today, I … Continue reading NGINGU MFUNDISI NGIZELWE KABUSHA